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Welcome to the sunday fun day – fun facts about the iconic brand Liberty of London. Firstly I live, breathe and sew Liberty so it was only natural that I started blogging about the fun and rich history of Liberty of London. I love it so much I opened my own studio dedicated to bringing Liberty to the city of Brisbane, Queensland – Ava & Neve.

Recently upon opening the studio I thought in order to give myself some inspiration I should purchase as many books as possible about Liberty of London… as you can see I have a fair few to keep me entertained for many Sundays to come!


Firstly the history for those who are not familiar with the iconic brand – Liberty of London. Arthur Liberty opened the doors of his emporium in 1875 with what started as textiles imported from Japan, China and India it quickly became more, however textiles were a fundamental portion of his store and as such the birth of Liberty Art Fabrics. As his fabrics became successful top designers were commissioned to produce patterns exclusive to Liberty.

So here we go! Todays Sunday fun day fact for 15 March 2015 ….

Originally Liberty Art Fabrics were oringally block printed by hand in a factory in Merton Abbey South West London.

Liberty Hand Printing

(picture courtesy of British Colour Pattern – Liberty)

At the height of this time there would be 52 block printers employed with some patterns requiring up to 27 different wooden blocks, what we would see today as a simple silk scarf would take hours to produce. Now that’s what I call a labour of love!

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