Sewing FAQ’s

Sewing Faq’s

Q: How wide is Liberty Tana Lawn?
A: 137cm or 54″

Q: Can I use Liberty Tana Lawn for quilting?
A: Yes you can. Liberty fabric is wonderful for quilting. Super-soft, it’s wonderful to work with and the timeless prints will make your project an heirloom to pass down the generations.

Q: Can I use Liberty Tana Lawn for dressmaking?
A: Liberty fabric is suitable for all sorts of dressmaking projects. It’s lovely to work with and behaves really well with a sewing machine. It’s great for little girl’s dresses, bridesmaids dresses, tops, tunics, shirts and pretty much anything else you can think of!

Q: Should I pre-wash Liberty Tana Lawn before I use it?
A: There is no need to pre-wash Liberty fabric before using it in sewing projects. Because it is such a high quality fabric the shrinkage is negligible.

Q: How should I wash it if I want to?
A: Wash at 30 degrees (although I add mine with my normal wash and it’s fine). To keep it looking it’s best use a laundry powder or liquid that doesn’t contain bleach.

4 thoughts on “Sewing FAQ’s

  1. Is there an outlet or resource in the United States? Or do you ship internationally?

    1. we ship internationally otherwise please look to Duckadilly fabrics based in the USA

  2. What is the best type of thread to use with my Tana Lawn for EPP??

    1. 80 weight aurifil thread

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