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Liberty Hexie Challenge – Quilt top assembly

It’s hard to believe we are coming to the end of our Liberty Hexie Challenge.

This is our last set of instructions and printables where we will cover how to turn your beautiful pile of blocks into a quilt top.

Quilt blocks by Kat Gray

If you are looking for block instructions for previous months you will find them here:

We have also put together a handy block reference chart, which includes all of the block diagrams.

Block layout

By now you should have:

  • 37 large blocks (16 large blocks A – E and 11 large blocks made from small blocks)
  • 6 large half blocks (2 M, 1N and 3 made from small blocks)

You can use this block checklist printable to audit your block collection. Remember, you can easily make your quilt larger by adding more blocks.

If you are making the standard size quilt (48″ x 61″), assemble the large blocks and half blocks in diagonal rows as shown in the diagram below:

You can distribute your blocks however you like. The diagram below is just one example of how you can distribute the large and small blocks.

Large = suggested placement for large blocks A, B, C, D and E
Half = suggested placement for large half blocks M and N
Blank hexagons = suggested placement for large blocks make from three small blocks (F, G, H, I, J, K and L) and joining pieces.

Alternatively, you can download the quilt layout colouring sheet and plan your own.


Finishing the edges

You can finish your edges using a variety of different shapes. The easiest option is to use large triangles (template below). Alternatively, you can fill each triangle section using two smaller triangles. This is a good option if you have smaller scraps you would like to use for the edges, as in the example below.

Finished quilt top by Kat Gray

Download a template for both types of edge pieces here. Remember to print at 100% (no scaling) and use a quilting ruler to ensure the square measures exactly 1”.

Once you’ve assembled your quilt top you can baste, quilt and finish as desired. If you are looking for backing fabric be sure to check out the clearance remnants available in the SALE section.

Thanks so much for sewing along with us. If you haven’t already, join the Ava and Neve VIP group on Facebook to connect with everyone else sewing along, or share your progress on Instagram with #LibertyHexieChallenge. We can’t wait to see your gorgeous quilt tops!

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