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Huge Welcome to Faith!

Hi friends!

Welcome to the first 2019 post of the new look blog for Ava & Neve. This year we will be posting more inspiration and featuring our socialite team. What’s the Socialite team you say? Well we have gathered a group of super talented people who will be sharing tutorials, ideas and projects just for you. We can’t wait to share more with you.

First is Faith Essenburg. Faith is an ambassador for Janome, blogs over at Sarana Avenue and has been featured as an Aurifil Artisian but most of all makes the most gorgeous quilts and crafty things for her home. She lives in Chicago – USA with her family and dog called Liberty!

Welcome Faith.

My name is Faith Essenburg and I am a part of the Ava & Neve Socialite team. I have been thinking how I would like to use my monthly Liberty Society bundles this year and have decided on the simple yet stunning half square triangle blocks. Each month I will take about an hour to sew up my blocks and at this time next year I will have enough to make a beautiful quilt! A couple years ago I made two Liberty quilts for a two of my dear friends and I have been wanting to make a similar one for myself ever since.

I will be using solid white to contrast with the Liberty prints, some other options would be low volume prints, solid linen, dark navy or even contrast the dark Liberty prints with the lighter ones. You really can’t go wrong with these beautiful fabrics!

I have done up the math for my own quilt layout and will share here, however I must warn you that quilty math is not my strong point and could very likely be wrong, in which case I simply hope for a happy mistake of having too many blocks or worse case scenario we whip up a few more blocks along the way, no biggie!

We will be working to make 480 HST (half square triangle) squares that are 4 inches each, 20 across by 24 down will make for a 80×96 inch quilt. Of course you can make your blocks however big or small you like and arrange them in any size, really it’s so simple and customizable.

I found several HST charts on Pinterest that show what size squares you will need to finish at the size block you want, I keep these pinned so I can go back for any size I need for a next project.

For the four inch finished squares I am starting with 7 inch blocks. I believe this quilt will take about 4 yards of solid fabric total but I will be using varying shades of leftover white fabrics that I have already.

I will need 10, 7 inch white blocks to pair with my 10 7 inch Liberty blocks. Take your first Liberty print and place it right side down on top of a solid square, pin in the center to keep fabrics from shifting. I have found it helps to keep the Liberty fabric on the top when sewing so that the solid fabric gives a bit more stability while sewing. Starting at one corner and using a ¼ inch seam allowance, sew around all four edges. You should have a completely closed square.

Repeat to make all ten blocks. Using a long ruler, cut a line from top to bottom corner and then without moving your fabrics, cut another line from the side to side corners.

Set aside and repeat with all ten squares. Next, using a hot iron open the triangles out and give a quick ironing, pressing seam to the darker side. You may also clip the corner tags or ears off of the edges at this point, I will wait to do this till I have a good stack ready to trim all at once. I now have my first 40 of the 480 quilt blocks.

This little stack will be going into one of my project drawers where it will wait for the following months blocks to join them. There are several ways I am thinking about the finished layout similar to the first quilt I made, possibly in color order from left to right or top to bottom, or dark to light across, maybe even in a design like a broken dish quilt. The options are endless with a simple block like this but the outcome is sure to be stunning. An added surprise to using the monthly Liberty Society bundles is that I really have no idea what colors and prints will be added to this quilt. Time will tell and I will be keeping track of my blocks each month on Instagram using the hashtag #faithslibertyhstquilt. I would love to see your progress if you decide to join me so let’s also go ahead and use the hashtag #libertysocietyhstquilt.

Happy sewing! Love Faith!


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