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Christmas is upon us …

Where in the heck has this year gone! We are busy preparing for a move, a baby and new product lines. Needless to say there is lots of chaos in our households. We are prepping some fabulous gift ideas however it dawned on me walking into our home studio that one cannot work when it feels so disorganized even though I tried my hardest! So first things first .. we started making some fun items to help with our organization. So far we are totally in love with what we have come up with so much sew I would be content to stay in there forever .. well maybe not forever!

I am a visual person so I knew that I needed things on the wall so I popped into my local Bunning warehouse and got myself one of these babies

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its perfect for all kinds of things which you will see shortly!

Then I fell in love with the Embroidery storage hoop tutorial by Sew Delicious however put out own spin on it. They are so easy and quick to make and what I found is that you can use them for everything .. here’s a few that we have done so far!




We decided not to add the magnet strip that the tutorial suggests and instead turned this simple reindeer tea candle holder into a pin cushion. Here’s how we did it!

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Fat 1/8 Liberty Fabric

regular bowel


darning needle


Aurifil thread

Tea candle holder

Super soft polyester filling

  1. Lay the fabric face down onto your sewing table and place the bowel face down on top
  2. Draw a circle using your pen of choice, as this area is going to within the tea holder I used a sharpie so that I could use this as a guide for my gathering thread later
  3. Cut out along the line drawn. Whilst liberty art fabric doesn’t thread I used pinking sheers to maximize this
  4. Take your needle and thread and do a loose gathering stitch all around. When you are close to the beginning of your stitch start to draw the fabric together so that a small opening is created
  5. Commence gently popping in the polyester filling to the circular shape you desire
  6. I found that I needed to use less filling however I decided to do another gathering stitch closer to the filling line so that I could ensure the overall effect would look full.
  7. Pop into your desired tea light holder and presto you have a pin cushion


These are the perfect cost effective gift for any sewing enthusiast the overall cost I estimate to be approx. $20 however when handmade with love .. PRICELESS

Watch this space on more cost effective Christmas gift ideas and sewing room inspirations



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